FAQ Recruiters

FAQ Recruiters

Which profiles are targeted by Engineering.jobs?

We cover all engineering and IT positions. Overall, we are targeting professionals who graduated from an engineering school or a computer science school or who are working in the engineering and computer science fields. Our target audience covers +250 positions, +500 skills and 3 countries (Belgium, France and the Netherlands) in the following disciplines:

  • IT
  • Project Management
  • Sales / Marketing
  • Maintenance
  • Quality
  • Construction / Civil Engineering
  • Logistics / Supply Chain / Procurement
  • Research & Development
  • Production
  • Administration / Finance
  • Data Analytics
  • Automation / Robotics
  • Electronics / Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

How many applications will I receive for my job ad?

In September 2021, the average number of applications per job ad ranged from 3,4 to 7,5 depending on the budget allocated to a job ad. It's important to note that past results are not a guarantee for future results and that the performance of a job ad can significantly change depending on different criteria such as location, industry, company size, type of employer (direct employer or recruitment agency), employer brand attractiveness, salary package, etc.  For our new clients, we re-publish a job ad for free for 30 days in case of non satisfaction.

What are the differences between Pro and Select job ads?

There are 6 types of job ads. You can choose your job ad type according to your budget and the profile you are looking for.

  • Pro Max Job Ad: Maximum visibility and conversion; ideal if you are looking for a highly demanded profile.
  • Pro Plus Job Ad: High visibility and conversion; ideal if you are looking for a senior profile.
  • Pro Job Ad: High visibility; ideal if you are looking for a profile with a few years of experience.
  • Select Plus Job Ad: Optimized visibility; ideal if you are looking for a junior profile.
  • Select Job Ad: Basic visibility; ideal if you have a limited budget.
  • Select Campus Job Ad: For students and interns

Do you offer a discount for the purchase of several job ads?

Yes, we do. We offer a volume discount as soon as you order a second job ad. Rates and discounts are available here.

Do you offer subscription packages?

If you have to advertise more than 50 job ads per year, feel fre to contact our customer support for more info about our annual subscription packages. 

Why is it so expensive to publish a job ad?

We focus on highly qualified profiles in the fields of engineering and IT.  The demand for these profiles is much higher than the supply and therefore the cost to attract these profiles is also higher. As the most visited website for Engineering profiles, Engineering.jobs demonstrates an excellent return on investment.

What is the difference between Engineering.jobs and other websites?

Engineering.jobs is a specialized website and not a generalist website. We are also a job board and not a social/professional network which means that the profiles available in our CV database are actively looking for a new job opportunity. 

Who are the partner sites of Engineering.jobs?

You can find more information here.

How many profiles are available in the CV Database?

Our CV database includes +150.000 profiles from Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Every month you will find several thousand new profiles. 

How does the CV Database work?

The search for a profile can be performed by a Boolean search and/or by selecting 12 specific filters. Once you have identified your ideal profile, you can access their contact information including an email address and phone number.

How many "AV/VR Software Engineers with 5 to 10 years of experience in my region" are available in the CV database?

We cover +250 positions, +500 skills and 3 countries. Moreover, it is often necessary to extend the search criteria when there is a shortage for a specific profile. Therefore we do not provide upfront detailed figures for a specific search. A search is very subjective, and this is what makes the difference between talented recruiters. 

Is it possible to test the CV Database for free?

We offer a 1-month access to the CV database at a very attractive rate. We do not offer a free test. 

Is there a special offer for new customers?

We offer a 10% commercial discount for your first online purchase (promo code: bonjour10off).

Which payment methods does Engineering.jobs accept?

It is possible to pay online with a credit card or request an invoice. 

Do you collaborate with communication agencies?

Yes, we do. Let's define together the best recruitment strategy for your clients. Contact our customer support for more info.