Terms and conditions

1. General

  • 1.1. Terms of use

The website Engineering.jobs referred to as "Engineering.jobs" is made available to you on the following terms and conditions. By using the site and the services available you are bonded to accept these terms and conditions.

  • 1.2. The site

The information and services available on the site are provided for the sole purpose of individuals looking for job opportunities and career information and for employers seeking to recruit staff. You may use, print and download information from the site for these purposes only and for no other personal or commercial purpose.

All copyright, database rights and other intellectual property rights in the site and the material available on the site belongs to Engineering.jobs. Use of the site does not give you any rights in such materials.

  • 1.3. Data protection

Our use of CVs and other personal information supplied by users of this site is governed by our privacy policy. Please click here to view our privacy policy.

2. Jobseekers

  • 2.1. CVs and job advertisements

CVs and job ads on the site are provided by candidates and prospective employers and their agents and are not reviewed by Engineering.jobs. We accept no responsibility or liability for the contents of CVs or advertisements and expect candidates and prospective employers to carry out such verification procedures as are customary in the circumstances.

  • 2.2. Engineering.jobs information

The services and information provided are to assist in the jobseeking or recruitment process. Neither we nor our third-party suppliers guarantee their suitability in any particular case. You should obtain independent verification before relying on information provided on the site in circumstances that may result in loss or damage.

  • 2.3. Limitation of liability

Our liability, and the liability of our third-party suppliers, for any loss or damage suffered by you as the result of your use of this site is limited to your actual direct damages and, except in the case of fraud, excludes any loss of future earnings, profit or prospects or any consequential or speculative loss. As required by law, this exclusion does not extend to death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

  • 2.4. Law

These terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Belgian law and the courts of Brussels (Belgium) have sole jurisdiction in the event of disputes.

  • 2.5. Site availability

We try to ensure continuous availability of the site and all the services available on it but accept no responsibility for the consequences of interruptions or delays, however caused. We may, additionally, alter the design and specification of the site at any time.

  • 2.6. Browser policy

Engineering.jobs endeavours to support as many users as possible. We cannot guarantee availability of the service through all browsers. Engineering.jobs also requires jobseekers to enable session cookies (enabling permanent cookies is recommended) and JavaScript in their browser.

3. Terms and conditions of business for recruiters

  • 3.1. General

In these terms and conditions:

'Customer' means any person, company, organisation or firm that purchases services from us;
'Order Form' means an order for services on a form provided by us (in any format) and signed by a customer;
'Services' means all recruitment products and services made available by Engineering.jobs from time to time;
'Contract month' means, in respect of any order form relating to the provision of services for a specified period of months, the calendar month commencing on the start date specified in the order form and ending on the day before the same date in the next calendar month. For example, the calendar month commencing on 15 April and ending 14 May;
'Contract term' means the full term specified in the order form.

  • 3.2. Commencement of services

We will not commence the provision of services pursuant to any order form until the order form has been returned to Engineering.jobs, in a form approved by Engineering.jobs  and signed by the customer. Returns are accepted via electronic e-mail, fax or the postal system.

  • 3.3. Prices

Prices are guaranteed for the period stated on the order form. Prices are confidential and may not be disclosed by the customer.

A job posted on Engineering.jobs will remain live for 30 days or such shorter time as we agree with the customer. Any extension of this time will be charged to the customer as a new posting. Any jobs posted in addition to the agreed number of jobs per month will be charged at a price per job agreed with the customer at the time of the contract negotiation. A single job is identified by its unique number. If a customer deletes a job and then either reposts it or posts another, this will be classed as two jobs.

If any services to be used within any time period specified on the order form are not used within that period of time they may not be carried over into any subsequent period without our prior written consent. The customer will be responsible for payment for any unused services.

  • 3.4. Payments

All prices exclude VAT. Unless payment for services is taken via online transaction, all invoices are payable within 7 days from invoice date. Late payment will entitle us to suspend provision of services. Interest will be payable on late payments at the rate of 10% above base rate with a minimum amount of 200 euros.

  • 3.5. No warranty

a. We don’t warrant the currency, accuracy, completeness, usability, suitability for a certain purpose of content on our Platforms. We also don’t warrant for the conclusion of an employment contract between Users of our Platforms as applicants and an employer.

b. Engineering.jobs does not warrant that the Services offered by us are available at certain times or permanently. Disturbances, interruptions or possible downtimes of the (online) Service cannot be excluded. Because of technical or operational reasons a temporally limitation of the availability is possible. This is especially possible with regard to the capacity limits, the security or integrity of the data processing systems or the implementation of technical measures, which are necessary for a regular or improved performance.

c. Engineering.jobs's servers are backed up regularly. Nevertheless data losses are not excluded. Insofar as you transmit or upload data – regardless of the form – we advise you to make backup copies. This also applies to the event that you terminate your contract with us, because we don’t retain a copy of your data after the deletion, subject only to statutory storage obligations.

  • 3.6. Refund

All fees are nonrefundable. 

  • 3.7. Limitation of liability

Our total liability to the customer in respect of any services, except for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, is limited to the total amount paid to us during the contract term for such services or EUR 5.000 whichever is the greater.

  • 3.8. Job posting - Site rules

We have rules regarding the content and format of jobs posted on Engineering.jobs. Their purpose is to ensure that users who search the site or Engineering.jobs database get results that are presented as clearly as possible. At our discretion and without liability to you, we will remove from Engineering.jobs any advertisement that is posted in breach of these rules. The rules may change from time to time and you are advised to refer to them regularly.

The rules are:

a. No duplicating of jobs.
b. No over-use of keywords in job descriptions or job titles. Over-use means deliberately inserting words with the intention of influencing the job listing's position in the results listing.
c. Job advertisements placed on Engineering.jobs must be for genuine vacancies only.
d. URLs or e-mail links are not allowed in the body copy of the job description page. E-mail links are permitted from the 'send an e-mail' link and url linking is permitted from the 'apply online' link.

  • 3.9. Illegal advertisements

Advertisements that discriminate on grounds of sex, race, age or disability are illegal and may result in proceedings being taken against both the advertiser and the publisher. We may at our discretion remove any advertisement from Engineering.jobs if we feel it is in breach of employment discrimination rules.

  • 3.10. Responses to advertisements

You agree to deal fairly and professionally with individuals who may respond to an advertisement you have posted. You will indemnify us from and against any claim brought by an individual against Engineering.jobs arising from your breach of this obligation or any other of these terms and conditions.

It is your responsibility to carry out such checks and procedures as are necessary to ensure that candidates are suitable for the job advertised and have the required qualifications and personal characteristics. Engineering.jobs does not guarantee any response to your advertisement or that responses will be from individuals suitable for the job advertised.

  • 3.11. Content and links

If your advertisement links to another site from the 'apply' option, you are responsible for maintaining the links and for the content of your advertisement and the linked site. We may remove from Engineering.jobs any advertisement that contains content or links to a site that, in our opinion, is defamatory or illegal. You will indemnify Engineering.jobs from any claims or liability arising from content or links contained in your advertisements.

  • 3.12. Third-party sites

Engineering.jobs is committed to continually optimize the number of responses to advertisements of the customer and to improve the quality and quantity of the searchable applications.

In this context, Engineering.jobs has several cooperation media partners and Engineering.jobs is entitled, but not obliged, to publish advertisements in other media. The customer hereby gives Engineering.jobs the right to publish service elements (e.g. job description, company logo, etc) without prior notice in other online and offline media, print media and audio and video media. A list of cooperating media partners can be requested from Engineering.jobs. Engineering.jobs will not charge any additional fees for such additional performance.

  • 3.13. Browsers

Engineering.jobs endeavours to support as many users as possible. We cannot guarantee availability of the service through all browsers. Engineering.jobs also requires jobseekers to enable session cookies (enabling permanent cookies is recommended) and JavaScript in their browser.

4. Use of CV database (recruiters)

  • 4.1. Rights in the CV database

CV database rights and all other applicable copyright and intellectual property rights in the CV database belong to Engineering.jobs. You acknowledge that you do not acquire any rights in the database or its content and that your retention and use of the database and its content is governed by these terms and conditions.

  • 4.2. Use of the database

The material you are entitled to receive from the CV database is determined by the product you have purchased from Engineering.jobs. On receipt of this material you may:

a. Use, search or download it to your database for the purpose of finding suitable candidates for specific job vacancies;
b. Use the information about the individuals contained in the database for the purpose of contacting them in relation to a specific job vacancy;
c. Use the information only in connection with your own recruitment-related activities.

You may NOT:

a. Supply, sell or license material from the CV database, or a copy of it, to any other person, including another member of your group of companies;
b. Download the database through any automated (e.g. scraping) process;
c. Contact the individuals on the database or make or allow any use of the information about those individuals, other than for the purpose of finding suitable candidates for specific job vacancies.

  • 4.3. Passwords

Passwords are for the sole use of the person to whom they are issued. Engineering.jobs may deny access to a password if it reasonably believes that it is being used by an unauthorized person or that the user is breaching these terms and conditions.

  • 4.4. Deletion of database material

You agree to delete all material from the CV database upon its replacement with up-to-date material or the satisfactory conclusion of your search for a suitable candidate, whichever occurs first.

  • 4.5. Dealings with candidates

You agree to deal fairly with individuals you may contact using information from the CV database. You will indemnify Engineering.jobs from and against any claim brought by an individual against Engineering.jobs.

5. Online advertising (recruiters)

These terms and conditions apply to all advertising material ('campaigns') accepted by Engineering.jobs for display on any of our websites. By placing a campaign you accept these terms and conditions as principal, even if you are acting as agent or buyer for the actual advertiser.

We must receive the complete creative content for a campaign in acceptable format at least two working days before the date specified in your order. To cancel or alter your order you must inform us, by fax or email at the number or address on the order, at least two working days before the date specified in your order. Otherwise you must pay the full amount set out in the order.

You are responsible for the content of the campaign and for ensuring that it complies with all relevant legislation and codes of practice. We may, at our discretion, remove the campaign from display without reference or liability to you. You will indemnify Engineering.jobs against any claim that the campaign or its content infringes the intellectual property rights or other rights of others or is defamatory or otherwise offensive.

Your sole remedy if we, or our third party subcontractors who may host and serve campaigns from time to time, make an error in displaying any campaign is the cost of re-running the relevant campaign. Neither we nor our subcontractors shall be liable in any circumstances for any loss of profit or business. We shall, additionally, have no liability for failure to display the campaign caused by circumstances outside our control.

6. Contact details

Avenue Louise 367
1050 Brussels
VAT: BE0819.069.681

7. Contact person

Olivier Lambert
Managing Partner
Tel. +32 476 075 813
Email: support@engineering.jobs