About us: 

Elia operates the high-voltage (30 kV to 380 kV) electricity transmission system.

Since our company has a legal monopoly, we are subject to a special legal framework and to the authority of regulators responsible for checking and approving the way in which we operate (for instance, with respect to tariffs).  For more information on this, visit Legal framework and Regulators. 

To understand the key concepts about the complex sector in which we operate, visit Electricity Market players. Read the latest news at Newsroom. To go into greater depth, read our publications and reports at Publications.

Our company is managed according to the principles of corporate governance. Learn more about this, who sits on the various corporate bodies and who the statutory auditors are at Corporate Governance.

Elia has also set up a Users’ Group, an advisory body representing grid users. For more information, see Users’ Group.

In addition to its legally defined role, Elia views itself as a social stakeholder. Find out more about the initiatives launched and supported by Elia at Corporate Social Responsibility.

Elia is also part of the Elia group. Read more about it and our international activities on www.eliagroup.eu.

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