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Belgium : Best Place for Engineers

Belgium is the place to be for engineers in Europe and you can find all the best jobs for engineers on, the leading job board for engineers in Belgium.


Have you ever dreamed to work on the best engineering projects? You will find the perfect job in Belgium. There is currently a high demand for the following engineering discipline: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering and software engineering.

Technical & Engineering Jobs

If you are looking for technical engineering jobs in Belgium, there are currently many job opportunities for profiles such as mechanical engineer, project engineer, process engineer, automation engineer, sales engineer, electronic engineer, service engineer, maintenance engineer, quality engineer and electrical engineer. If you have any experience in project management or even better in program management you will be able to find very interesting and challenging job opportunities. If you do not have experience yet in project management, you might consider to join a pmo team to learn the project management principles. Once you will know more about those project management principles, you might also consider to pass a prince2 or pmp certification. Employers are more and more looking for professionals combining technical engineering skills and project management skills.

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IT Jobs

If you are more interested by new technologies, there are also many IT job opportunities in the information technology sector. IT jobs are not only for IT geeks. There are many engineering professionals working in IT. You will find plenty of IT jobs for: software engineer, test engineer, systems engineer, hardware engineer, support engineer, network engineer, field service engineer and application engineer.

Project Management Jobs

Engineers able to combine their engineering expertise with both project management skills and IT skills are particularly sought by employers and recruiters. If on top of this, they speak several languages like french or dutch, this is the cheers on the cake.

Consulting Jobs

In the consulting industry, big players like Accenture, Deloitte, PwC, CapGemini are massively hiring young engineers. It is not only for clients in the industry. It’s also for clients active into the services industry. For instance, banks such as BNP Paribas, Société Générale, ING or Belfius are hiring young consultants to support them in the execution of their digital strategies. If you have a degree in computer engineering, software engineering, network engineering or electronics engineering you might definitively consider a career into consulting. This is always a good first step in your career. If you perform well, you might even get the possibility to follow after 2-3 years a top ranked MBA program in a top business school such as INSEAD or Vlerick Business school.

Get headhunted by recruiters

To make your next career step as engineer, do not forget to upload your CV online on Only Engineer Jobs. Everyday hundreds of recruiters specialized in engineering and more specifically for engineers are searching for the right candidates. Those recruiters are in-house recruiters from direct employers or recruiters from recruitment agencies. In both cases, they can help you to find the right job opportunity for you. Headhunters specialized for engineering positions will help you to find senior positions such as engineering manager, program manager, operations director, supply chain director, etc. Recruitment agencies are in general more focused on junior profiles. If you recently graduated from an engineering school and you have difficulties to find a first experience as engineer, you can consider collaborating with a recruitment agency specialized for engineering professionals. They will either find you a permanent position for one of their clients searching for an engineer or they will propose you to work as a consultant for one of their clients. In Belgium, the term project sourcing is used for this.

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Freelance jobs

If you are senior engineer and have several years of experience in a specific engineering discipline, you might consider to become a freelancer, an independent consultant or an interim management professional. There is a high demand for freelance professionals with an engineering degree. They bring flexibility to clients that sometimes do not have the capacity to hire an engineer on a permanent basis. Rates are pretty good in the engineering world especially if you work on IT projects. If you are looking for freelance jobs for freelance consultants, go to the section Freelance Jobs on Only Engineer Jobs. You will find plenty of job opportunities for profiles such as freelance consultant, freelance project manager or freelance program manager.

There are lot of jobs in Brussels or Antwerpen

If you are based in Brussels or Antwerpen, you will find plenty of engineer jobs in Belgium. In Brussels, you will mainly find IT jobs for engineers specialized in software engineering, computer engineering, systems engineering, network engineering, etc. So if you have follow a bachelor in IT or even better a master in IT, you won’t have difficulties to find jobs for profiles such as IT engineer or IT specialist. This year there is also a strong demand for engineering professionals with an expertise in data management, data analytics and business intelligence / BI. In the french speaking area of Belgium, there are many pharmaceuticals and biotech companies. Those companies are also looking for engineering professionals with a strong expertise in production engineering, maintenance engineering, mechanical engineering and project engineering. They’ve got lot of job opportunities for engineering professionals. In Antwerpen and more especially around the port of Antwerp, there are many job opportunities for professionals specialized in supply chain management and logistics. You can easily find engineer jobs in Belgium on Only Engineer Jobs.

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Young graduates are welcome

If you are a young student and you are interested by the engineering world, there are many engineering schools and universities in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. It’s difficult to enumerate all of them but in Belgium, you have KU Leuven, the first, largest and highest-ranked university in Belgium. If you are looking for more information about those engineering schools and universities, please visit their official websites. You can also find many information on the engineer’s profession in the section News on Only Engineer Jobs.

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