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Freelance Jobs and Freelancers in Belgium

Looking for Freelance jobs in Belgium? It's definitively not easy to find one website on which you will find all freelancers and freelance jobs.


High demand for Supply Chain, Quality, Project Management and IT projects

Many top employers are looking for oustanding freelance consultants in supply chain management, project management, quality, etc. There are also many freelance job opportunities into the IT industry. In the engineering world, the average project duration is typically between 6-months and 18-months. It's difficult to give an estimate on the daily fee as several parameters are taken into account such as the experience, the expertise or duration. 

Freelance Consultant

If you are looking for top engineering jobs and you are freelance, independent consultant or interim manager, register now on and apply for the best freelance  jobs in Brussels and Antwerp. There are several ways to find freelance consultant jobs. The best option for sure is through your own professional network. In case you have a limited professional network, there are many recruitment firms working for employers interested to hire high-caliber freelance consultants. You just need to submit your CV and a recruiter will call you.

Interim Manager

Not all recruitment firms are good for freelance professionals. In Belgium, there are firms specialized in interim management. For high-caliber freelance consultants or interim management professionals, it's definitively better to ask them. Of course keep in mind that you find directly by yourself freelance job opportunities on OnlyEnginee Jobs. If you have few years of experience, you might find a freelance job opportunity as project engineer or project manager. Many employers are looking for freelance engineering professionals with 5 to 15 years of professional experience. Above 10 years of experience especially if you have a strong project management experience, you will easily find freelance project manager jobs or even freelance program management jobs. If you are an executive there are positions for independent director. Those positions are not easy to find except with a very good professional network. Anyways never forget that you can find great freelance consultant jobs in Belgium.

Browse Freelance jobs in Belgium and make your next career step

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