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Brussels IT & Engineering Jobs

Are you an Engineer and are you looking for the best IT and Engineering jobs in Brussels? Discover which employers hire Engineers in Brussels, how much you can earn as Engineer and where to study Engineering in Brussels.

If you have a technical engineering degree and are more interested by technical jobs in Brussels, you will find many engineering jobs in Brussels for profiles such as mechanical engineer, QA engineer, electrical engineer, project engineer, engineering manager, etc. Whether you are looking for IT jobs, technical jobs or engineering jobs in Brussels, you will undoubtedly find the right job opportunity for you. In Brussels officially the Brussels-Capital Region or Brussels Area, employers active into the financial services and into the transportation industry are continuously looking for the best engineering professionals. Banks such as BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, Belfius, KBC Brussels, etc are actively looking for IT engineers in order to execute their digital transformation strategies. There is a very strong demand for profiles such as: analyst programmer, application architect, business analyst, data analyst, developer / programmer, functional analyst, process analyst, project manager, security engineer, system engineer and embedded software engineer. All those banks are situated in the heart of Brussels and are easily reachable by public transport. The transportation industry is the second industry in Brussels for which there is a strong demand for engineering professionals. Employers such as STIB / MIVB, NMBS, INFRABEL and TUC RAIL are actively hiring engineers in Brussels. Finally, ENGIE Electrabel active in the energy industry is also looking for engineering professionals in Brussels. Headquartered in Brussels downtown, ENGIE Electrabel regularly launches marketing campaigns to attract the best engineers. All those employers are actively looking for young and skilled engineers having an expertise in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, engineering manufacturing, etc.

Many job opportunities for Young Engineers and Freelance Engineers in Brussels

To face the shortage of engineers in Belgium, direct employers are also supported by local recruitment agencies such as Randstad Professionals, Gentis, Blake & Partners, House of Excellence, etc in order to execute their projects. For young engineers, this is also an opportunity to gain some experience in different industries. If you are a young graduate with an engineering degree, do not forget to upload your CV on Every day hundreds of recruiters are searching our open CV database to find the best engineers. For experienced engineering professionals, there are many engineering jobs in Brussels especially for freelance engineers, independent consultants and interim management professionals with an engineering education. Employers are looking for professionals with both technical and project management skills. If you are a senior project manager, a program manager with an engineering degree or an engineering manager, you will have plenty of choice in terms of careers and job opportunities in engineering in Brussels.

Salary Engineer in Brussels

The average salary for engineering professionals working in Brussels is €38.000 for young engineers and €62.000 for senior engineers. In Belgium, young engineers will often get an attractive and competitive salary with fringe benefits (including a company car). For profiles such as freelancer, independent consultant and interim manager with an engineering background, it’s difficult to give an estimate as the expertise and the years of experience are two important factors to define a rate. However, we can say that rates are very competitive compared to other regions in Belgium. To sum up, you will find all the best engineering jobs in Brussels on so do not forget to upload your CV and apply for your next job.

Engineering schools in Brussels

Looking for engineering schools in Brussels? Brussels has many engineering shools. If you are interested by technical studies, you have the ECAM Brussels Engineering School and ISIB (Institut Supérieur Industriel de Bruxelles) where you can follow courses in many engineering disciplines such as electrical engineering, electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, construction, automation engineering, etc. If you succeed your master, you will be awarded a degree of Ingénieur Industriel / Industrieel Ingenieur. In Brussels, you can also follow courses at ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) at the Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles where you will study to obtain a degree of Ingénieur Civil / Burgerlijk Ingenieur. If you have stronger affinities with technology and management, the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management or the ICHEC Brussels Management School offer two master's degree (master in management or master of science in management). To find out more information about the different programmes available, please visit the official websites of those engineering schools. You can also find many information about the engineering profession in the section News from

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