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Top IT Jobs and Schools in Belgium

Information Technologies have taken over all sectors of activity in the recent years. From Internet of Things, to Big Data and Blockchain, these technologies are rapidly evolving and already permeate our day-to-day lives. Their development is shaking up our societies, our economies and our jobs. Read on to find out more about the current trends in the Belgian IT job market and the best schools for IT training in Belgium.

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Belgian IT job market: current trends

IT specialists are one of the most sought-after profiles on the Belgian labour market: 4.6% of the Belgian working population are employed in an IT function and the majority of them work in Brussels. Belgian firms continue to have an increasing demand for IT specialists and the profiles currently in high demand are:

  1. Analyst Programmer
  2. IT Project Manager
  3. Web Developer
  4. Cybersecurity specialist
  5. Data Analyst

IT Jobs in Belgium

Furthermore, career options are extremely varied in this sector. This allows for everyone to find a path in IT corresponding to their character and interests. It is not always easy for a newcomer to navigate between the numerous job opportunities in the IT sector as the job titles don’t always match with existing academic programmes. For more clarity, here are some descriptions of popular IT functions.

  • Developer

A developer is in charge of designing software using a programming language. In short, a programming language allows to formulate algorithms and design computer programs that can apply these algorithms. On the job market you will find different types of developers.  A web developer is in charge of the source codes of the different programming languages. Among others, you will find offers for Java developers, .NET developersC# developers and so on. On the other hand, the software developer is responsible for designing and implementing software programmes such as mobile apps.

Find here our job offers for Developer vacancies.

  • IT Support

IT Support technicians and engineers are an integral part of the IT labour market landscape. They provide assistance and technical support and aim at resolving operating issues. Quick to analyse the situation and origin of problems, they also participate in maintenance to anticipate breakdowns.

Find here our job offers for IT Support vacancies.

  • Cybersecurity jobs

Cybersecurity engineers are highly sought after. Never before has information been generated, collected, stored and processed at a bigger magnitude. The associated risks of loss, leaks or fraudulent use of data are manifold without mentioning the variety of connected equipment ranging from computers to smartphones. Cybersecurity experts have the responsibility to use tools, security mechanisms, risk management methods and technologies to protect people and IT assets.

Find here our job offers for Cybersecurity vacancies.

IT training

It is important to note that 73% of IT graduates received a job offer before finishing their degree. No need to start your career in another sector, young graduates can jump straight into the IT sector.

Many of the top universities in Belgium offer computer programming degrees like the KUL with its Master of Engineering in Computer Science. You can also find similar programmes at the VUB, the UCL or at UAntwerpenYou can also study at Epitechan IT school specialised in IT training which issues a Qualification of Expert in Information Technology.

If you are looking for a more practical-based learning experience, you can opt for a professional bachelor in IT. Thomas More University of Applied Sciences in Geel offers a great programme in Applied Computer Science. A professional Bachelor degree can also be obtained at Howest University of Applied Sciences in Brugge for Dutch speakers (the cybersecurity major is also given in English). For French speakers, the ESI in Brussels delivers excellent Bachelor degrees in IT.

Reskilling for professionals

Digitalisation is happening in every sector of the labour market. Working professionals may need to reskill to adapt to this changing environment. By 2030, it is estimated that more than 300 000 workers will need to retrain in order to find a new job in the new digitalised economy.

If you are looking to learn more IT skills, Epitech also offers a Coding Academy programme which consists of intensive classes in IT development for working professionals. For specific skills, Business Training offers courses covering many different themes such as coding languages (eg. Java,..) to Cloud workshops and data analysis. An online option is Code Belgium’s 1 year remote software engineering programme  for working professionals. For an accelerated learning experience, you can also join their 9-week Fullstack Software engineer bootcamp.


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