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Service Delivery IT Consultant

Location :EMEA

PositionSummary :

Service DeliveryITConsultantsare highly skilled senior professionals who form part of our Professional Services team working within Operational Services and based within the market units. 

The main purpose of the role is to contribute to the successful support and maintenance ofSimCorpDimension clients in IT related areas and to delivery of IT related services. Service DeliveryConsultantsaretrusted advisors to the clients who provide the clients with best practice market solutions related to the usage ofSimCorpDimension and beyondwith regard totechnical requirements.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Participate in implementation projects with ouron-premisesclients, to provide smooth systems operations, client satisfaction: 

  • Define, together with the client, the target technical architecture including server’slayout, high-availability disaster recovery architecture, backup strategies, security

  • Run the initial installations ofSimCorpDimension, ensuring that the prerequisites are fulfilled and that the best-practices are followed

  • Define the maintenance procedures, like patching, installing license files, cloning installations, and document them

  • Guide the clientsto integrateSimCorpDimensionin their managementtools, such as batch schedulers, system automationtools andsystem monitoring tools

  • Support the functional implementation team, solving technical issues and performance problems

  • Plan and perform release upgrades forSimCorpDimension fully independently to make the full value of the latest version available to the client, whilemaintainingexcellent customer relationships with IT staff at the clients and be regarded as a trusted advisor by the client to foster a mutually beneficial partnership long-term

  • Delivering the software and running the initial test upgrade

  • Running the production upgrade, often onweek-ends

  • Run autonomously holistic technical analysis to solve performance and stability issues on client installations, embracing network, operating system, database andSimCorpDimension product aspects.

  • Deploy newtechnical modulesat clients,in new areas where REST APIs aremore and more used.

  • Execute, enhance and develop technical operational services and assessments such as capacity review projects, information lifecycle management, technical configuration management and database management to optimize the Oracle database and technical environment ofSimCorpDimension at clients to prepare for business growth and ensure cost efficiency and system stability

  • Occasionallysupport our sales teams, participating in RFPs, system architecture presentations, product demos and client workshops

  • Co-operate closely with other technical experts withinSimCorpon a local and global level, also by way of specialist roles (such as lead or membership in technical domain teams or local technical committees as well as local service ownership), and share knowledge to ensure efficient solutions for the clients

  • Identify needs for additional services and solutions which would improve the customer’s operations, recommend these internally and support the presales process to offer added value for the client

  • Run autonomously holistic technical analysis to solve performance and stability issues on client installations, embracing network, operating system, database and SimCorp Dimension product aspects.

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    Desiredskills :

  • Experienced with infrastructure services

  • Experience withSimCorpDimension or other large financial services software products

  • Windows Server administration, installation and setup of server features

  • Knowledge of security features

  • Analysis of performance counters

  • Securityfeatures, certificates management

  • Oracle Database 

  • Daily operations and problem solving of monitoring platforms like OEM, middleware and interfacing, file systems, and database.

  • Experienced withDB management, high availability, RMAN, data warehouse, and sizing

  • Tuning skills:Analysis of AWR, understanding wait events andall possible bottlenecks. SQL Statement tuning.

  • Scripting and developmentknowledge :

  • Powershell

  • Use of REST APIs through Python, C# or Java

  • Azure cloud (fundamentals and administration)isa plus

  • Knowledge of Qliksolutionsisa plus. 

  • Understand mission-critical applications and HA environments.

  • Problem analysis and issue resolution of known systemic errors.

  • Assess requirements; Identify services or products to improve operations.

  • Participated in domain teams and contributed to operational maturity/knowledge creation

  • Good verbal and written communication skills

  • Career opportunities

    By working forSimCorpyou will become an expert high in demand on an international scale. You will have excellent opportunities to explore further career perspectives, project management, more sales-oriented roles or management on an international level.

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