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Recon & Utilities engineer


Main purpose:

The Recon & Utilities manager is owner of the realization of the RECON program and is responsible for the plant utilities:

  • RECON program.
  • Energy and water management : leads Veurne’s RECON target setting, improvement projects, driving the water and energy savings program in the plant.
  • ETS/EBO/CO2 reporting to the authorities, energy related internal and external (ISO) audits.
  • Responsible for the yearly budgeting and realization of the AOP Recon (= energy & water usage)
  • Utility Mgt.
  • Responsible for the operation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the plant utilities: electrical duty holder , natural and biogas, compressed air, steam, thermal oil heaters, HVAC, chillers, nitrogen, CIP, waste heat recovery, lighting.
  • Responsible for the legal compliance of the installations.
  • Responsible for the yearly budgeting and realization of the AOP Utilities. (equipment).
  • Responsibilities


    The Recon and utilities manager is member of the maintenance department.

    The Recon and utilities manager takes the lead in the continuous improvement of the plants Key Performance Indicators on water & energy (ReCon program) and has a strong interaction with the different operational teams to agree and follow-up the action plans. He is also the coach of the internal ReCon team and takes part at ReCon audits in other Pepsico plants.

    As utility lead, he is the key person for utilities with internal and external communication (OEM, contractors, inspection bodies).Together with the Maintenance and Sustainability Mgr, he develops a Recon roadmap that contributes to the pep+ agenda.

    Focus areas comprehend the PepsiCo’s RECON program, ETS/EBO reporting, ISO 50001 Management system, GEHSMS,…

  • Catalyst for making Recon and Sustainability part of the daily working culture on the shop floor
  • Continuous improvement of the plants Recon Key Performance Indicators and continuously investigate opportunities for applying best practices in the plant. ( Recon Hotlist)
  • Responsible for the utilities department within maintenance (electricity, natural and biogas, compressed air, steam, thermal oil heaters, HVAC, chillers, nitrogen, CIP, waste heat recovery, lighting)
  • Own & follow-up the different Environmental action plans ( ISO 50001 , GEHSMS, RECON, Recon Maturity Model, Road to Great Performance, incidents ...)
  • Follow-up, improve and extend the monthly environmental inspection program with a clear focus on the involvement of the frontline.
  • Manage the Environmental & Recon training plan in co-operation with the HR department
  • Create frontline involvement by setting up campaigns, involving people, building capability, leading the RECON team for environment.
  • Manage the external monitoring & inspection program.
  • Develop together with the Maintenance & Sustainability Mgr future proof roadmaps for Recon and utilities.
  • Give environmental/ReCon advise on every engineering project that will be executed within the plant
  • Manage the preventive (PM plan) and corrective maintenance plan of all utility equipment so that 100% efficiency is achieved and there is no impact on production.
  • Request for offers for services and equipment, set up purchase orders in SAP/MyBuy and follow-up on invoices for Utilities.
  • Follow up and negotiating on contracts with utility suppliers
  • Management of the Budget Maintenance Utilities (+/- 450 m€) and the Recon AOP budget.
  • Support the plants overall operational agenda (Safety, Productivity, Quality, Service, People, …)
  • Perform other tasks as defined by hierarchical leaders.
  • Qualifications

    Key skills/Experience required:

  • Master degree in electro- or electro-mechanical engineering or equal by experience.
  • Good theoretical and practical knowledge of utilities ( electricity (high and low voltage), HVAC, steam , compressed air , thermic oil , CIP , nitrogen , natural gas , …)
  • BA4/BA5 certified.
  • Good knowledge of Belgian / Flemisch General Law on electrical installations (AREI).
  • Strong affinity with numeric administration and reporting.
  • Excel savvy.
  • Good view on future needed / possible energy transitions.
  • SAP & MyBuy (workorder flow, ordering services & equipment, PO & invoice creation & follow up)
  • Lean
  • Strong autonomous worker.
  • Enthusiasm and strong affinity with environment & technics.
  • Frontline oriented
  • Responsible and result driven.
  • Eager to learn
  • Stress resistant
  • Teamplayer
  • Convincing
  • Language : Dutch and English language written and spoken. French spoken.
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