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Project Engineer Gas Filling Plant

The Project Engineer ensure the achievement of PG filling plant projects within the defined scope, the risks analysis findings, the budget, the planning according the Safety & Quality requirement, IMS guidlines, country regulations and Air Liquide Standards. He/she lends his expertise to the operational teams, especially the Gas Filling Production team. He/she will actively participate in the further development and training of knowledge and best practice in the filling technology (e.g. Mixal etc) and that throughout all BNL filling sites. He/she aids the management in taking decisions regarding maintenance, investment and other related activities to the Gas Filling Plants. He/she ensures also the implementation of the environmental legislation, work in line with the ISO // standard, respect the good environmental practices and show a positive attitude with regard to the preservation of the environment"


How will you CONTRIBUTE and GROW?

1. Study & design:

- Can act as Design Authority or technical validator according to SP-COM- M, depending on his/her knowledge in a particular domain

- supports the PG Engineering team in preparing and validating standard designs for Gas filling plants - participates on riks assesments (ARA, ARG, ...)

- he/she can be in contact with other ALBI PG experts in the group. (pex COP)

2. Project and Implementation from design to roll-out:

- Participates in the evaluation of the specification / scope of the project and understands installation requirements to determine the best standard solution.

- Define the needs and outcomes together with the local team

- Set up cost price calculations for investments new projects or adjustments existing installations in conjunction with the site staff.

- Establishes and prepares the documentation for the projects (P&ID, technical file, data and technical specifications ..)

- Works according to the proposed project or MOC flow

- Works with validated contractors and ensures that the PO is sent and closely follows the schedule

- Determines standard and non-standard material to be used according to technical standards.

- Coordinates parts and services orders with requisitioner through the issue of purchase requests

- Controls and manages workforce according to the planning and expenses according to the budget

- Validates with the site the acceptance tests of the projects (PSSR)

- Communicate on a regular basis project status to all stakeholders

3. Training & Development:

- organises trainings on a regular basis in accordance specific team needs

- ensures sufficient competence is present in production teams

- recommends people for specific trainings

4. Filling tool (Mixal):

- Is able to do error analysis and implement parameter improvement / configuration

- Ensures the management of stepoints and standardization in accordance with the rules of the group.

- Is able to work the "Mixal Calc" sofware and can draw up new or improved and managed recipes

- Support the sites by troubleshooting - provides advice to the maintenance team

5. Manages preventive maintenance plans / CMMS Software (Minimaint) follow-up:

- Ensures effective implementation of preventive maintenance programs and plans are in place and loaded in Minimaint

- Assesses opportunities for improvement

- Evaluates the maintenance plans and their follow-up by the sites

- Assures continual improvements of the CMMS system

- Supports the sites and their ownership of the CMMS system


Are you a MATCH?


_ BA4 /BA5 - VCA

_ Good knowledge of Dutch, French and English

_ Knowledge and Know how specific to the job:

Being able to quickly gain knowledge about the PG filling site operation

Knowhow of engineering / project methodologies

Technical understanding of gas physical and production processes

Knowing and understanding of the Air Liquide procudures / SOP

Strong Knowledge of industrial gases and cryogenics, covering chemical and physical properties, thermodynamics production and key processes

Knowhow about piping engineer

Good Knowledge of "Mixal" tool; configuration management and error messages. Good knowledge of AUTOCAD (2D)

Basic knowledge to read PID and 'simple' electrical diagrams

Basic knowledge of electricity, electrical regulations (AREI, NEN) Basic knowledge of process functionalities (instrumentation & automate processes)

_ Management and behavior skills:

Promoting and supporting actions towards Safety, Health and environment protection.

Encourages questioning of established ideas and practices and ask why regularly.

Striving for continuous improvement.


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