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Technical Analyst

Technical AnalystExtraordinaire

Location: Brussels - HybridWork Flex – Occasional on-site gatherings

Whoare you? A digital virtuoso, having danced with data anddevelopment for over a decade, with half that time passionatelysculpting applications. You're an Oracle whisperer, speakingfluently with PL/SQL and SQL. Conversations in English roll offyour tongue, and if they occasionally swirl in French, all thebetter! Oh, and you're an EU citizen? Stellar! We have somesecurity protocols in place that require it.

Your Quest:

  • Create andcurate applications, treating them like your personalmasterpieces.
  • Delve deep into data using SQL,Excel, and keen relational analysis.
  • NavigateOracle's nuances, especially in the world of PL/SQL.
  • Enrich and evolve our software's foundation andarchitecture.
  • Chronicle insights usingUML/context diagrams, flowcharts, and more.
  • Engage, communicate, and crystallizerequirements.


  • 10 years in the vast techlandscape, with 5 years fine-tuning applicationdevelopment.
  • Mastery of SQL, Excel, and theart of data analytics.
  • Adept in Oracle,particularly decoding PL/SQL.
  • Communicationskills that resonate universally.
  • A penchantfor crafting comprehensive narratives and documentation.
  • English fluency; conversational French is abonus!

Ready to venture on thisenigmatic journey with us?


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Technical Analyst

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