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Optics Channel Director EU


About this Job

The primary purpose of this role is to improve GfK's position within the Optics industry. The Optics Channel Director will leverage their extensive network and deep industry understanding to forge pivotal connections with key industry stakeholders, both within retail and manufacturers. This role demands a strategic blend of expertise and industry acumen, enabling effective planning and execution of ambitious projects.

The position is of strategic importance, as the successful execution of these responsibilities is anticipated to elevate retail data partnerships, enhance service quality, and open new business opportunities. Contributions via this role will be instrumental in shaping the future trajectory of GfK's growth and success in the Optics market globally.


The Optics Channel Director will play a pivotal role in driving strategic initiatives, focusing on the following key areas:

Data Partnerships

  • Define Proposition : Take a leading role in refining and enhancing GfK’s value proposition. This involves a deep understanding of industry dynamics and customer needs to ensure that offerings and go to market are competitive and relevant
  • Identification of Key Industry Touchpoints : Actively identify and engage with vital industry touchpoints, facilitating the introduction and promotion of GfK's data partnership model
  • Improve coverage through retailer recruitment: Investigate and facilitate new data sourcing using various methods; direct approaches, industry organizations, software providers etc, always aiming to expand and diversify the reach of GfK's data partnerships
  • Data quality Improvement : Engage with our current partners to improve current data partnerships in terms of content, accuracy, frequency and timeliness
  • Refinement of Pitch Documents : Provide expert feedback on pitch documents, ensuring they are compelling and also effectively aligned with industry expectations and standards. This includes crafting persuasive narratives and tailoring messages to resonate with targeted stakeholders
  • Public Speaking Engagements: The role includes orchestrating presentations at industry organizations and events, ensuring GfK's research findings are effectively communicated and showcased to the relevant audiences to support the aims of the role
  • Service Expansions

  • Opportunity Identification : Utilize in-depth market knowledge and analysis to identify potential business opportunities (e.g. Total Store Reports) that complement and expand the current portfolio
  • Business Case Development : Aid in the creation of robust business cases, guiding strategic decisions and expansion plans
  • Develop long term relevance: Leverage wider NIQ data capabilities, including Activate and data monetization models . Build plans for enhancing other industry data sources
  • Skills and Qualifications

  • Extensive Industry Network : Demonstrated ability to leverage an expansive network within the industry, facilitating impactful connections and collaborations.
  • Deep Industry Knowledge : A thorough understanding of the industry, including a keen insight into stakeholder needs and market dynamics. This knowledge is crucial for providing informed and effective guidance
  • Proven Consulting Experience : A solid track record of success in consulting roles, showcasing the ability to swiftly adapt and contribute value in new and diverse professional environments
  • Business Development Skills : Exceptional ability in initiating and developing new business relationships, including proficiency in making cold approaches and opening doors to new opportunities. This skill is essential for expanding GfK's reach and influence in the market
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills : Strong communication abilities, both written and verbal, are vital for effective stakeholder engagement and team collaboration
  • Strategic Thinking and Problem-Solving Abilities : Aptitude for strategic planning and the capability to address complex challenges with innovative solutions
  • Matrix Management: Able to productively leverage our internal network of local experts
  • Location and Travel Requirements

    Ideally based in Europe, the role is designed to be conducted remotely with some working days in the local office. Mutually agreed travel will be required, such as attending industry events or participating in face to face meetings. All travel will be subject to approval and based on business needs.

    Duration and Time Commitment

    Full time role with immediate start date

    We are an ethical and honest company that is wholly committed to its clients and employees. We are proud to be an inclusive workplace for all and are committed to equal employment opportunity, focusing on all of our employees reaching their full potential. 

    We respect and value every employee regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, personality, experience, culture, faith, socio-economic status, or physical or mental disabilities.

    We endorse the core principles and rights set forth in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the Social Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, promoting the universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality, and solidarity.

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    Optics Channel Director EU

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