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Failure analysis engineer - OCAS

Your position:

Being part of the TS&S team (Technical Support & Services), you will be involved in the various aspects of the industrial asset management services OCAS is providing to its customers:

  • Supervising metallographic characterisations to identify the root cause analysis of failure of metal components
  • On-site investigations in case of equipment failure
  • Recommendations on how to repair and if needed, locally strengthen the weakened components (or replace the component with an improved design and/or material grade)
  • Material selection & design optimisation 
  • Providing general support and problem solving to our customers

All projects are carried out by the project team, consisting of engineers and technicians. You will be in direct contact with our customers from the initial inspection, defining the project scope and negotiating the budget, managing the project, and disseminating the results and recommendations for the way forward. Instructing our specialised technicians who use a wide range of advanced analytical tools to identify the root cause of the failure.

Are you the right candidate:

  • You own a master’s degree in engineering
  • You have experience in investigating various failure modes, such as corrosion, fatigue, …
  • You have knowledge about weld inspection and NDT
  • You have insights into fracture mechanics, materials and material properties, as well as a profound knowledge of industrial equipment
  • Modelling and load calculation can be an advantage
  • You have a high capacity to be flexible and handle a variety of projects
  • You have excellent social skills to work in a team-based environment
  • You have a commercial mindset and enjoy direct contact with customers
  • You are fluent in English (spoken and written); knowledge of Dutch is an asset

Does this vacancy catch your interest and do you recognise yourself in the profile description? Then do not hesitate to apply so that we can get in touch with you. 


More info on the mission and the structure of OCAS can be found on our website:


Vacancy code: OCASBE

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Failure analysis engineer - OCAS

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Permanent, Full-time
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