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E&I Engineer

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We are seeking a seasoned E&I Engineer to join our team at Amaris Consulting. This role is perfect for professionals with 4-6 years of experience in the field, looking for an opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge within a dynamic international consulting group. The position is based in Belgium and offers an Undetermined Duration Contract.

  • You will be responsible for developing concepts for electricity and instrumentation (including control and process control) for gas transport installations based on project data, technical standards, and codes.

  • Your collaboration skills will be put into play as you work closely with colleagues in piping, process, and mechanics to identify suitable materials and suppliers.

  • You will prepare engineering documents such as specifications, datasheets, tender documents etc., covering items like control valves, flow meters, instrumentation electrical equipment among others.

  • In your role as E&I Engineer you'll provide technical advice during procurement processes and project implementation phases.

  • Keeping abreast of new legislation standards & codes while analyzing them for implementation forms part of your responsibilities. You'll also facilitate knowledge transfer regarding technological advancements within the team.

  • You will participate actively in working groups aimed at standardizing improving concepts/materials incorporating feedback from operators into these improvements.

  • Occasionally participating in process safety studies falls under your purview too.

This job requires not only technical expertise but also strong analytical abilities that can help evaluate third-party E&I documents as part of outsourced projects. We believe this position provides a unique opportunity to grow professionally while contributing significantly towards our organizational goals.

About You

The ideal candidate would have substantial experience working on complex engineering projects involving multiple stakeholders. Your ability to collaborate effectively across teams coupled with excellent communication skills would make you stand out amongst other candidates.

  • You have 4-6 years of experience in E&I Engineering, preferably within the gas transport sector.

  • You have a solid knowledge of control and safety valves and are familiar with relevant E&I standards, the Belgian Electrical Code (AREI), and ATEX regulations.

  • • Knowledge of PLCs and DCS systems is a plus.

  • You possess strong analytical skills that enable you to provide valuable advice during procurement processes and project implementation phases. Your ability to evaluate third-party E&I documents effectively will be crucial for outsourced projects.

  • Your collaboration skills are top-notch; you can work seamlessly with colleagues from different departments like piping, process mechanics etc.,

  • You're proactive about staying updated on new legislation standards & codes. Facilitating knowledge transfer regarding technological advancements comes naturally to you.

If these descriptions resonate with your professional profile we would love to hear from you! Join us at Amaris Consulting where we connect leading teams technology together.

What can you expect?

Amaris Consulting is proud to be an equal-opportunity workplace. We are committed to promoting diversity within the workforce and creating an inclusive working environment. For this purpose, we welcome applications from all qualified candidates regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, beliefs, age, marital status, disability or other characteristics.

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