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Control - Chemical laboratory technician

Are you one of those people who look up to the sky every time a plane passes by?

Space holds no more secrets for you than it does for science?

Environmental and technological challenges are among those you wish to tackle?

Come join Sabca and play your own role in the fast-moving world of aerospace inside a company with more than years of existence.

We are experts in designing, manufacturing, maintaining, and upgrading large and complex elements for aircraft and space launchers. 

In Brussels, we have our Structural and Mechatronics Engineering offices, where all our new programs begin and our workshops are equipped with modern

machines that produce complex metallic assemblies for aircraft and space launchers as well as advanced Thrust Vectoring Systems for space launchers.

SABCA Brussels is also the home to our "Unmanned Autonomous Systems" aka: the drones solutions unit!


The chemical laboratory technician is responsible for supporting laboratory activities related to the production, inspection, and quality control of materials used in the aviation industry. This role involves tasks such as handling and analyzing chemical samples, as well as adhering to safety and quality standards.


  • Conduct chemical (and physical) analyses on samples used during the treatment of aviation components.
  • Prepare samples according to precise protocols.
  • Interpret data from analyses and prepare detailed technical reports.
  • Develop new analysis methods and/or improve production processes.
  • Ensure compliance with safety standards and environmental regulations regarding the handling, storage, and disposal of chemical products.
  • Regularly maintain and calibrate laboratory equipment to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Participate in internal and external audits to verify compliance with various quality standards in the aviation industry.
  • Collaborate and take responsibilities at their level regarding the EN quality standard and ISO environmental standard.
  • Required Skills:

  • In-depth knowledge of chemical analysis techniques and instrumental methods used in a laboratory.
  • Ability to follow strict procedures and work with precision and accuracy.
  • Analytical mindset and ability to detect errors in data.
  • Good written and oral communication skills.
  • Knowledge of safety and environmental regulations in the aviation sector.
  • Education and Experience :

  • Higher education degree (Bachelor's in a chemical field) or equivalent experience.
  • Previous experience in a laboratory is a plus, preferably in the aviation industry or a related sector.
  • Proficiency in basic computer skills for laboratory analysis and data documentation (Excel, SAP, etc.).
  • So, What’s in it for you?

    Experience! Gain new experience to thanks to the full range of services we offer to the civil, space and military aviation markets as well as to the commercial

    Unmanned Autonomous Systems (drones). Our activities include designing, manufacturing, maintaining, and upgrading large and complex elements for aircraft and space launchers for

    customers and partners belonging to the elite of the aerospace industry.

    Excitement! Work in an exciting environment where long-standing expertise and research and technological development feed off each other.

    Sabca collaborators have their passion and their know-how as common denominator.

    Teamwork, reliability and innovation are part of the culture we value and that lead us to success.

    Challenges! Help Europe access to space by designing and manufacturing rocket structures.

    Be part of the pioneers in developing advanced air mobility solutions inside our division dedicated to drones. Use your knowledge to take people around the world on board low-carbon aircraft.

    Contribute to the environmental and technological challenges of the century. Play your own role in the fast-moving world of aerospace.

    Be ready for take-off!

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    Control - Chemical laboratory technician

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