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Senior Cloud Ops Engineer (Data team)

The vente-privee group has consolidated its various European brands, together made up of 6000 employees, under one unified conglomerate: Veepee. This coalescence marks a new chapter in its European history. With Privalia, vente-exclusive, Designer & Friends, Zlotewyprzedaze, Eboutic and vente-privee, Veepee achieved a 3.7 billion Euro turnover as of 2018. Present in 14 countries now, Veepee is taking a leading role in the European digital commerce landscape. Our 6000 employees have chosen a job at Veepee to spice up their daily lives! Our teams implement new technologies to fuel our strategies, offering our customers the best possible experience. 
Are you eager to learn?
Veepee offers you a variety of trades to develop your career, enabling you to renew your skills constantly. Tech, logistics, sales, marketing, sales production: join us on an exciting, digital-centered journey. In 2018 we launched - the IT community of Veepee. Our teams are widely distributed within the offices in Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Nice, Barcelona, Brussels, Warsaw, Amsterdam and Tel-Aviv. Veepee’s data organisation came into existence in 2018 and consists of a strong team of 40-50 data professionals, spread across different data domains (engineering, analytics, data science & ML and governance). You will be part of a multidisciplinary, multinational team that fosters collaboration, transparency, respect and of course… a good amount of fun in the working environment.As a senior cloud Ops Engineer, your job will be to:- Work closely with our data architect to define the best cloud setup to support our different data products;- Lead a small team of SRE’s to build and maintain our Google Cloud organization; - Be the reference point for knowledge on Google Cloud SRE best practices, - Stay up to date with GCP product and feature updates to make sure we always embrace the most secure and efficient gcp stack for our needs.


  • .. be responsible for our data infrastructure
  • In our data organization, we develop and maintain a multitude of data products, from a data warehouse in Google BigQuery, surrounded by APIs and streaming pipelines for data ingestion and data export, over a multi-server MicroStrategy deployment to a range of data science and machine learning-powered API’s.
  • All these products require different infrastructural components that we host on the Google Cloud Platform. Among them are two large k8s clusters on GKE, PostGresSQL databases on Google Cloud SQL, dedicated VM’s on Google Compute Engine, two Google BigTable instances and more. 
  • You will:

  • Monitor the health of our infrastructure on GCPOptimise our infrastructure size while balancing the cost;
  • Deploy extra infra components based on the requirements of the different teams using a modern Infrastructure As Code or GitOps approach;
  • Redesign and manage the network in-between our services and between our GCP environment and Veepee’s on-premise servers (dedicated interconnect);
  • Strengthen the security of infrastructure (firewall rules, ssl certificates,...) by implementing a securely shared vpc, private GKE clusters, security audit logs and alerts,..
  • .. help our teams in deploying their services

  • All our teams are deploying their services to Kubernetes, however, not all teams have expert gcp and k8s skills on board. Recently, we started to onboard a GitOps based deployment strategy using ArgoCD, which we want to standardise overall data teams in the future.
  • You will:

  • Help our data product teams to deploy and maintain their running services;
  • Help our data product teams to adopt a GitOps deployment strategy in the future;
  • Collaborate with the developers to create performant efficient CI/CD pipelines in GitLab;
  • Oversee and audit GCP permissions for both user and service accounts in order to ensure a least-permission necessary environment;
  • Gather and solve deployment, performance and network issues encountered by our data product teams while running their services
  • Requirements:

  • You are an expert in public cloud environments, preferably Google Cloud Platform (GCP);
  • In case of AWS or Azure experience, strong willingness to learn GCP is a prerequisite;
  • You have expert knowledge on cloud networking setups (VPC’s, firewall rules, routing, NAT,...)You have experience in managing kubernetes clusters (preferably using GKE);
  • You are familiar with helm charts and using helm as a templating language for k8s crd’sYou are familiar with a GitOps strategy for deploying kubernetes resources, preferably using ArgoCD;
  • You are familiar with Infrastructure as Code tools like terraform (terragrunt), pulumi, ansible,...;
  • Having experience with setting up CI/CD pipelines, preferably in gitlab is a plus;
  • Having basic programming skills are a plus, preferably in Java or Python;
  • You are a strong team player;
  • You love helping people and solving issues, you gain energy from unblocking people when they are stuck;
  • You are not afraid to work the extra mile to solve a production issue when it pops up;
  • You like to work in an environment where you are given a lot of responsibility.
  • What we offer:

  • The dynamic and creative environment within international teams;
  • The variety of self-education courses on our e-learning platform;
  • The participation in meetups and conferences sponsored by vpTech locally and internationally;
  • Flexx office with 2 days per week onsite and 3 - remotely;
  • Video games, beer and quiz parties with colleagues.
  • Belonging to Veepee, is one of the biggest Tech community in Europe with more than 1000 IT collaborators around Europe.From Warsaw to Barcelona , through Lyon , Nantes , Lausanne , Tel Aviv , Brussels , Nice,   Amsterdam and Paris , all our projects are developed in a functional environment with a wide skills variety where you’ll be sure to find your place, no matter the technology you want to work with.If you love to try things why don’t you jump on this new adventure?Need more info >

    Senior Cloud Ops Engineer (Data team)

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