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Quality is becoming ever-more important in a growing number of sectors and areas, such as the food industry for example, and it is therefore becoming increasingly important for us at delaware too. As an absolute SAP expert we are fully committed to all SAP modules and you can help us to raise quality standards at our clients’ companies even further!

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Upload your motivation letter The size of the file cannot be more than 5MB Anything you want to add? (*) these fields are required By submitting this form, you confirm that you have read and accepted our . There is a problem with the file sizes Thank you for your application. We will get back in touch with you soon! Have a great day! What will you be doing as an SAP QM consultant?

  • You will work in SAP within the  QM processes  during the entire product cycle: from receipt of goods via the production processes themselves up to and including shipment of the end product (final check).
  • Since you’re involved in a significant number of different phases of product lifecycle management (PLM), you will also have regular  contact with various SAP teams within delaware . Therefore, your QM processes are often closely aligned with many processes of other (SAP) modules.
  • You’ll be working on both  new  QM implementations and on  updates  of existing QM setups.
  • You will be participating in projects where QM is implemented in a larger ERP project, but also in smaller follow-up projects and optimizations.
  • You will be working for many different customers in  diverse industries , so you’re assured of plenty of  variety .
  • You will have the opportunity to further specialize in  your QM area of expertise . Who knows, you could become the QM pioneer within delaware.
  • You will have the chance to come into contact with HANA, cloud, all kinds of integrations with other components (e.g. EHS, Project Systems), new emerging technologies and more. So there will be lots of scope to gain  new insights .

Currently, we have regional offices in  Ghent, Antwerp, Wavre, Liège, Kortrijk  and  Lummen , but mostly we work on site at our customers, wherever they are in Belgium. So it does not really matter whether you are living in Limburg, Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp... It is highly likely that we are implementing an SAP solution in your area right now. 

Contact Nathalie Fill in your details below & we’ll get back in touch as soon as possible. No worries, we won’t use your personal info to spam your inbox. delaware Belgium careers - delaware "> First name * The field First name is mandatory Last name * The field Last name is mandatory Email * The field Email is mandatory Remarks (optional) (*) there fields are required By submitting this form, you confirm that you have read and accepted our . Thank you for your message.  We will get back in touch with you soon! Have a great day! Do you have what it takes to become an SAP QM consultant?

Does the profile below fit you like a glove? If so, we’d like to get to know you better.

  • You have  extensive experience of SAP QM  processes within the entire supply chain (including manufacturing) and can organize and configure the system with impressive ease.
  • On top of that, you can combine your knowledge of Quality Management (QM) with other linked areas of expertise such as Materials Management (MM), Production & Planning (PP), Recipe Development (RD), Warehouse Management (WM) or Plant Maintenance (PM) or you are willing to expand your expertise to one of these areas.
  • You have  relevant experience  within QM as a consultant or internal employee, which means you can be fully operational immediately. Or perhaps you’ve been a key user of SAP and are now keen to move into configuration. If so, we’d also love to hear from you.
  • You’re very familiar with various  business processes  and how they are connected to quality. You are also quick to apply your QM component wherever relevant and at the right stage in the production process.
  • You can  formulate the specifications  that our developers need for correct setup and personalization of the system. If you also have some experience of ABAP, that would be particularly advantageous.
  • You are interested in emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence in the context of quality management.
  • You communicate fluently in  Dutch or French as well as English .


Do our  company values  appeal to you? We  take care  of our employees and customers, we are  committed, enterprising and respectful , and we do everything based on a sense of  positive team spirit . 

jobs Matches:  supply chain & operations, SAP, consultant, lot of experience

We –  the delaware ‘Service & Maintenance’ team  – combine sound business knowledge of  EAM and field service  with the provision of the optimal technological solution, and we do that in a unique and creative way. For us, that combination of business and technological expertise is crucial and we’re keen to further strengthen our team with your senior knowledge and experience!           

Are you the  SAP EAM Consultant  we’re looking for? The one who will work with us to help  take the service and maintenance organization to the next leve l for a wide variety of companies? Will you join us in rising to the challenge of achieving further digitalization within the scope of ISO 55000?

Matches:  supply chain & operations, SAP, consultant, lot of experience

How many companies can you think of where you are actually encouraged to walk around with your head in the clouds? Probably not many – but we’re one of them! The cloud is where our delaware SAP consultants feel right at home, and rightly so. It’s no coincidence that delaware is  Belgium’s biggest SAP implementation partner . Nevertheless, we have our feet planted firmly on the ground. After all, our customers depend on us to skillfully guide them through the transition of their procurement processes to  S4/HANA  in the cloud.

Do you want to be involved in a wide range of  innovative SAP projects  and take our own objectives and those of our customers to the next level? 

Matches:  supply chain & operations, SAP, consultant, lot of experience

As an SAP   Transportation Management (TM) expert , you have proven SAP   L ogistics experience . You’re a professional in the configuration of the TM flow , including charge calculation & settlement, cost distribution VSR, ASR, billing,… Preferably, you combine this experience with basic EWM knowledge to be able to execute the transportation planning in the warehouse. Your knowledge and skills reach beyond user experience, as you are comfortable creating documentation or providing support or training.

Being involved in every aspect of the implementation process gives you energy. First, you analyze the needs of your customers and translate them into blueprints and technical designs. Next, you take care of the implementation and configuration processes, and last but not least, you organize training workshops and courses with the customer. From beginning to end, you like to be at the helm, driving your projects forward!

Collaborating with a close-knit team of various colleagues from SAP SD MM, EWM and PP motivates you. It gives you excellent insight into the bigger picture and teaches you plenty of new things. To you, your job is  more than translating  the customer’s  current processes  into SAP. You use your expertise to question, explore and co-create new processes together with the customer , based upon best practices.

Matches:  supply chain & operations, SAP, consultant, lot of experience

When did you last build a solution that could change an entire  automotive  organization? That’s exactly what you’ll do with us!
You’ll combine your  passion for cars  with your  expertise in SAP . You’re dedicated to expand your automotive skills and share your experience with your colleagues and customers worldwide. You always have an  eye for new opportunities  in the automotive industry for your growing team and love working together with other teams at delaware to  grow our business  in this field.
You look forward to support and  guide global automotive companies  through their move to  SAP S/4 HANA  and add value to their business processes. As an  adventurous, motivated and autonomous  consultant, you have a strong sense of customer satisfaction, and you don’t back down from  long-term commitments , including  travel  abroad. 

Matches:  supply chain & operations, SAP, consultant, lot of experience

We offer our customers  long-term service contracts  to ensure their organization is  responding to  today’s continuously changing business requirements . We have a proven track record of over 200 customer relationships in different industries (chemical, food, manufacturing,…), establishing adaptive, efficient and business oriented ERP systems. 

The Belgian delaware  SAP Run & Accelerate team is a group of more than 80 highly trained SAP professionals. Our main missions are to provide application managed services in the long run (think about incidents and service requests) and accelerating services (such as innovation and automation). We assist our customers with the implementation of new, value-adding functionalities and the maintenance of their SAP landscape. We ensure our customers’ SAP applications develop into the  company’s driving force , by offering a team of experts – ready to intervene when called upon!  
We provide support in a  flexible and open way,  with room for  creativity . All the SAP Run & Accelerate colleagues cooperate closely in teams dedicated to specific clients, organized per industry. To ensure 24/7 service to our customers, we collaborate closely with our international delaware colleagues. 

Matches:  supply chain & operations, SAP, consultant, lot of experience

In today’s rapidly-changing energy world, new challenges often require new solutions. The same goes for  utility industry solutions , which are heavily impacted by the increasing decentralization of energy production – through e.g. solar panels and wind turbines – and the digitization of meters for end-users.  

For key customers in the industry, delaware is currently building  state-of-the-art   EAM for Utilities , using the latest  SAP S/4HANA  functionalities. We’ve clustered our asset management projects into investment works, maintenance and exploitation, network connections and asset register. For companies with this many assets, knowing which assets have been built, where to locate them and when maintenance is due, is vital to its operations.

That’s why we’re looking for an  experienced SAP EAM consultant ; someone who not only brings knowledge, but also brings peace. Our long-term implementation programs include very large and innovative utility projects where integration with Geographical solutions is also key. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that, would you?

Matches:  supply chain & operations, SAP, consultant, lot of experience

As an SAP Gold Partner, delaware strives to keep pace with all new developments within SAP. In many fields, SAP is busy upgrading and renewing (consider, for instance,  SAP S/4 HANA and Fiori ). SAP EWM is part of that. Whether it is a greenfield implementation or an upgrade , we - delaware - are fully embracing SAP EWM as it has reached cruising speed. We have have 10+ years' experience in EWM in different industries and complexities (including MFS). Over the next years, a lot of customers will need to migrate from WM to EWM or will be investing in a dedicated WMS. To ensure all this runs smoothly, we need your help!

delaware is enforcing its ‘center of competence’ around SAP’s new EWM software . Committing now to EWM means that a rush of technically interesting projects will be coming your way. So are you our next  SAP EWM Consultant ?

Matches:  supply chain & operations, SAP, consultant, lot of experience

How many companies can you think of where you’re actually encouraged to walk around with your head in the clouds? Probably not many – but we’re one of them! The cloud is where our delaware SAP consultants feel most at home, and rightly so. Nevertheless, we also have our feet planted firmly on the ground. You see, it’s no coincidence that delaware is  Belgium’s biggest SAP implementation partner . 

At delaware, our team is a bit like the new kid on the block. You’ll be part of a fairly new and young group of cloud lovers  – a squad that you’ll be a great addition to as a Logistics Business Consultant.

Do you want to be involved in a wide range of  innovative SAP projects  and take our own objectives and those of our customers to the next level? Read on, then!

Matches:  supply chain & operations, SAP, consultant, lot of experience

Did you know we – and we’re proud to say so – were the first within the Benelux to do IBP projects ?

Why is that? Well, because we are the only consultancy firm that is able to tackle Sales & Operations planning (S&OP) from both a process- and technology point of view . And because we work shoulder to shoulder with the other SAP teams within delaware. And when you tell your customers to optimize their processes and to tear down silos to collaborate better, better anticipate and make decisions based on more accurate data, you’d better lead by example.

Matches:  supply chain & operations, SAP, consultant, lot of experience

You know your way around the modern  purchase-to-pay process , as you have previously worked with  invoice management software . You’re a big believer in digitization and  automation , because you’ve experienced (firsthand, maybe?) how slow, error-prone and costly manual invoice processing can be.

You have hands-on, in-depth  technical  knowledge of invoice management systems, and can debug  code  if necessary. You’re  eager  to show customers the many advantages of a  digital solution , and believe that together, you can create the invoice management system of their dreams.   

Are you excited to improve the invoicing process for both  local  and  international  organizations? Then you’re the  Invoice Management Consultant  we’re looking for!

Matches:  supply chain & operations, SAP, consultant, lot of experience

At delaware, we believe that our industry customers need  technological guidance in their 4.0 transformation . Taking the right strategical IT decisions will put them on the path towards a Self-Driven Supply Chain. That’s why we help them to introduce future innovations by  digitizing the shop floor  with  advanced digital manufacturing solutions . Our true added value? Our technical expertise, topped with solid business knowledge on how production processes are run and should be run. 

Do you think you’re the MES consultant who can take the lead in optimizing and digitizing production processes? Then what are you still waiting for?

Matches:  supply chain & operations, SAP, consultant, lot of experience

You are an  experienced change manager  with a proven track record of managing the changes associated with the rollout of large-scale  ERP  systems.

From finance and production to logistics – your  business process knowledge  is (and has been) of vital importance to the success of change projects. You play  a leading role  in ensuring organizational readiness, in guiding employees and  senior leadership  through change and in resolving their  challenges .

You bring  wisdom  and  maturity  to large transformation projects and are eager to help people grow in their roles. You think out of the box like a true  change architect , and build innovative and  creative  client solutions.

recruitment process related stories On Monday 5 September, more than 160 juniors started their first day at delaware. They gathered at sustainable innovation hub Snowball in Harelbeke to embark on a new journey – the start of their career at delaware. Eager to learn from senior colleagues, the starters kicked off the Analyst Bootcamp with a welcome speech from Managing Director Jan De Bock. They also received their company car: a full electric and Belgian-made Volvo XC40 Recharge. read more While the best focus time may be at home, there’s also no substitute for meeting face-to-face with colleagues and customers regularly. In this blog we explain how we achieve that balance at delaware and how we facilitate working from different places at different moments. read more An internship at delaware stays with you. And that’s literally the case for Abdil. In April, he started as an intern with the Mobile, Web & IoT team, and he’ll be a permanent part of the team from September.
  read more 2 years ago, Nele Deblaere switched from an inhouse job as a production planner to becoming a delaware consultant. Here’s her story on what attracted her in consultancy and why you should consider it too. read more perks of the job your salary package We offer a competitive salary net allowance, company car, insurances, mobile phone with subscription and laptop. But what sets us apart is that you can co-define your package. For example, why not opt for an electric car or lease an (e-)bike? let’s innovate together! In our view, innovation is everywhere: it’s in the cutting-edge technologies we use for our customers, it’s in the way we communicate and collaborate, it’s top of mind whenever we think of novel solutions to customer challenges. Join us and innovate with customers in delaware’s del20 innovation challenge. Or participate in one of our many harvest & innovation projects. Best Possible You Our  close leadership is focused on qualitative over quantitative feedback. They have your back throughout the year and your whole career. We believe this is the best way to stay motivated and inspired. Simply to become the best possible version of yourself. We go for quality while keeping a close eye on quantity. feel supported Greatness is achieved by standing on the shoulders of giants. Our buddies assist starters while mentors provide longer-term career advice. Why not become a buddy or mentor yourself? Let a colleague stand on your shoulders and strive for greatness together. training & development The ideal consultant is a wonderful blend of hard and soft skills . But these skills need to be nurtured with fresh insights, bright ideas, new ways of working and more. Whatever you need to grow, the delaware Academy has something in store for you. Decide for yourself out of 50+ learning programs which training is right for you. you’re in the driver’s seat While you can count on all #peopleofdelaware for support, we count on you to take ownership . We’re convinced we’ll all go further if we let the #peopleofdelaware decide the direction of their career. So come and co-define your training and career path and let’s become smarter together. celebrate together #peopleofdelaware love to meet up regularly with colleagues at delaware events, team buildings, coffee chats, lunches and more. Because nothing’s more important than feeling connected . flexible hours Time is one of the most valuable assets each of us possess. Let’s use it wisely. We believe the right work-life balance comprises working from home, the office, at the customer’s site or any combination thereof. Let’s co-define the right mix for you. WeCare And we know you do too! guide us in being a socially responsible company . It’s part of our DNA. That’s why so many #peopleofdelaware personally invest part of their time in good causes like WeForest, the Special Olympics or the children’s education program `Fund Isaan´ in Thailand. How about you?

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