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Nuclear Fire Safety Engineer

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Work environment  

The HVAC & Fire Competence Center, which is part of the “Nuclear Processes” Department, is in charge of the following activities :

  • Feasibility studies, design studies, modification studies of Fire Safety installations;
  • Diagnoses and audits of Fire Safety installations;
  • Modeling of Fire water supply system, Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA) based on calculation & simulation tools, modeling of Fires in confined spaces;
  • Tools development and integration;
  • Expertise in Fire prevention, fire detection and fire suppression provisions and their side effects (e.g. flooding);
  • Operations & Maintenance support for Fire Safety equipment;
  • Design specifications and procurement;
  • Implementation & start-up of Fire Safety equipment follow-up.
  • Mission

     As member of a team, in charge of the following activities in close relation with the Project Managers, the Fire Experts and the Client :

  • Realize feasibility studies, design studies, modification studies of Fire Safety installations following applicable regulations and standards;
  • Realize diagnostics and audits of Fire Safety installations;
  • Lead Fire risk analysis following applicable regulations and standards or in house methodologies;
  • Lead analysis following applicable methods and determine suitable and pragmatic recommendations that cope with the Project and Client’s objectives/constraints;
  • Realize Fire risk analysis by the definition of the scenario and assumptions, choice of the correct model, collection and implementation of the data into the model, calculations, analysis of the results, drafting the synthesis;
  • Validate the coherence between the required and existing fire protection/detection means;
  • Include requirements from other competence centers, project safety referential, unit safety report, insurer, codes, norms, standards and regulations;
  • Check study compliance with on-site situation (walk-downs), include the Return of Experience and draft the reports (high quality level);
  • Determine and recommend suitable on site adaptations (protection/detection means);
  • Present to and share analysis with the Client;
  • Manage interfaces and ensure an efficient communication between the different stakeholders;
  • Coaching of junior engineers and follow-up of sub-contracted studies/simulations;
  • Ensure budget, planning and scope of the studies are compliant with the project requirements;
  • Assist the Project Manager and the Client in meetings and technical discussions with the Safety Authorities.
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    Nuclear Fire Safety Engineer

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    Safety Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, Quality Engineer
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