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Energy Market Engineer (24h/7d)


The operation of the National Control Centre is largely determined by a constantly changing energy landscape (integration of renewable energies and decentralised generation, arrival of new players on the market, closure of centralised production units, increase in international energy flows, security of supply, etc.), a changing regulatory framework (EU network codes, incentive regulation mechanisms, strategic reserve, etc.) and the growing integration of European electricity markets (development of international market coupling mechanisms, increase in short-term trading in Europe, new borders with Luxembourg, Germany and the United Kingdom, etc.), while at the same time, highly ambitious investment plans are being implemented in order to develop a power grid capable of absorbing all these changes. 


With a view to better managing these challenges, the National Control Centre is organised into five departments: Energy Scheduling & Balancing; Operational Planning; Real-Time Grid Operations; Emergency, Projects and Processes; Power System Operations & Security.

As a Market Engineer, you will be part of the Energy Scheduling & Balancing department, with the Energy Scheduling Office.

More specifically, the job includes the following tasks:

  • You will ensure grid security in near real time by, among other things, maintaining balance between generation and consumption in Belgium by generation units and by evaluating the necessary preventive and corrective measures with regard to the availability of reserves, including the national and international financial impact and risks to the grid.
  • You will monitor generation in Belgium (e.g. storms) and manage requests from market players locally and internationally.
  • You will be a market expert in order to manage and ensure the operation of international intra-day markets and linked to balancing. You will do this using tools for forecasting generation, managing reserves and managing local and international trade. You will manage short-term exchange capacities at borders (intraday and balancing) and you will monitor market coupling and generation plan.
  • You will monitor security of supply in Belgium and you will activate the strategic reserve if necessary.
  • You will ensure the publication of obligations pertaining to the correct operation of markets (intraday, balancing, etc.).
  • You will work in collaboration with engineers real-time and near-real-time during day-ahead and intra-day analysis to take decisions about changes to the generation plan. 
  • You will collaborate with engineers in real time and near real time, regularly taking charge of a number of tasks (use of the real-time grid management tool), proposing modifications to the generation plan or even monitoring voltage adjustment.
  • You will deploy and monitor emergency procedures in situations where the grid is under strong pressure (transition to an emergency state). 
  • Your Profile

  • You hold a degree in industrial or civil engineering, or have equivalent experience.
  • You have a sound knowledge of the Belgian and European power grid and/or energy sector, as well as the current challenges faced in the energy industry.
  • Experience in the electricity sector would be a plus.
  • You can make yourself understood in at least three languages: Dutch, French, English.
  • You are prepared to do shift work (extra pay).
  • You keep your cool under stressful circumstances.
  • You can work in a team.
  • In performing their duties, the employee has access to areas for which a prior security check will be carried out in accordance with the Screening law of December 11, 1998

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