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Data Analyst

So Darwind is for you

But Who is Darwind?

Darwin is a famous man for his evolution theory. (Yes, I know ).

Darwind goes a dimension further. We suggest going beyond evolution and become resilient. 

Darwind was born from the observation that the current model of consulting firms did not allow to get a Win for the 3 parties engaged in: the consultant, the client and the company.

In order to correct this, we suggest going back to basics: the motivation/ the pleasure of coming to work of the consultant as the first factor of success for everyone.

For this:

  • We help you to define your career project , and we find a matching mission with a challenge part
  • Each person follows his own training path, can develop one's own approach and give trainings
  • We work in a flat structure, everyone takes initiatives and build the company
  • Each of us is a builder and an actor of the work environment: we value feedback, communication, transparency, collective intelligence, and caring attitude.

Data Analyst

At Darwind, we view this position as an ideal stepping stone for a junior analyst. It is the opportunity to work in a data warehouse environment and to acquire essential skills that will be highly valuable in a data analyst career path.

Project context

Our customer's marketing division conducts:

  • Direct marketing commercial campaigns targeted at existing clients for up-sell and cross-selling;
  • Legal and service communication campaigns for information towards clients;
  • Opt-in request campaigns and information campaigns for points of sales.

These activities require the selection of targeted customers and brokers. The selections are based on several criteria including:

  • Targeting of the campaign by the marketing departments, in terms of client population characteristics, existing products subscribed;
  • Communication channels used and preferences expressed by clients;
  • Exclusion of point of sales based on their demands and past activity;
  • Technical parameters (e.g. reachability through email).

These selections are handled by the CRM Capabilities team.

The CRM Capabilities is further responsible for creating and monitoring the campaigns on the different applications and platforms, as well as the supply of material for communications towards the target.

Project description

The project will take place within the marketing division of a multinational insurance firm, located in Brussels and Antwerp. 

As data analyst, your responsibilities are:

  • Deliver selections of customer data based on business defined criteria
    • Create, maintain and run SQL queries for marketing purposes (analysis, development, testing and follow up).
    • Perform data collection and cleaning in a data warehouse environment
    • Ensure that solutions make optimal use of available computer capacity (CPU, I/O, Storage, memory, ...), available on our platforms (Teradata, ...) and guarantee optimal performance.
    • Gather and match multiple data sources to provide the best suited data selection.
  • Create, load, manage and monitor campaigns on CRM and Campaign management tool.
  • The analyst/developer is a key contact person for internal clients and takes care of optimal communication and collaboration with them and all other teams needed.
  • Design, support and develop business intelligence dashboards and reports, enabling continuous monitoring of commercial activity, customer trends and KPIs
  • Work closely with team colleagues, ensure efficient internal communication and contribute to the optimization of team processes.
  • Advise marketing departments to optimize actions and campaigns led and provide proposals and recommendations for improvements.

Candidate profile

The candidate is not afraid of working with code and large quantities of data, rather they enjoy the challenge of building queries and manipulating databases and they look forward to building their knowledge and skills in all aspects of data analysis.


  • The candidate must have a first experience in data analysis.
  • Candidates must hold a higher education degree with significant quantitative or analytical component (technical, engineering or business) or equivalent through demonstrable experience.
  • Knowledge of SQL is a must.
  • Good knowledge of Excel.
  • Language : fluency in at least 2 of English, French, Dutch. 3 is a real plus, and will be considered starting at B2 level


  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Excellent communication both within team as with business stakeholders.
  • Proactive.
  • Thorough and reliable with an attention to details.

Nice to have

  • Proficiency in Excel is a plus, especially competence in VBA.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Power BI is a plus.
  • Work experience in a data warehouse environment is a plus.
  • Experience with Microsoft Dynamics is a plus.
  • Knowledge of HTML is a plus.


  • A full-time job with motivating missions
  • An attractive salary package (group insurance, lunch allowance, company car, fuel card…)
  • Trainings, career development, possibility of certifications

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