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CI DevOps Engineer

CI DevOps Engineer

Standort: brussels

Anstellungsart(en): Full time

Role: CI DevOps Engineer

Duration: 12+ Months

Location: Krakow, Poland & Brussels, Belgium


Mission of the CI Tribe:

  • The Continuous Integration Tribe has for mission on the open system platforms (including public cloud) to design, build and operate (1) the PaaS layer (middleware and frameworks) on the infrastructure, (2) the technologies and practices for software development lifecycle and their integration within the infrastructure or platform. The tribe manages and delivers for this purpose:
  • The technologies, tools, and processes of the software development lifecycle (source code repository, testing tools, continuous integration, continuous delivery, etc.),
  • The communication middleware (MQ, IIB, MFT, Kafka, etc.) services,
  • The application integration and framework services “java” and “.net”, including the Clients Identity Propagation and related integrations,
  • The environments required by applications (topologies, infrastructure delivery, non-production environment services, etc.),
  • The application deployment and integration on the hosting platform from testing to production.

All those services are evolving as per out IT transformation plan to be delivered with the highest achievable automation possible, applying the practices of “Continuous Integration” and “Continuous Delivery” for business products and for infrastructure delivery as code. This transformation is driven as part of the scope of the CI/CD strategy initiative, that is composed of three main pillars

  • The capabilities implementation, which are the tools and technologies required (binary repository, configuration management, pipeline automation, deployment automation, build automation, testing automation, etc.),
  • The technology coverage (languages, middleware objects) extension to manage all type of code, application, or infrastructure objects,
  • The “adoption” framework facilitating the onboarding to CI/CD practices.

Our vision being to implement a modern software development lifecycle process enabling continuous delivery practices, from code check-in to production deployment, managing everything by version of the code. Enabling all valuable automation in the software development lifecycle practices including the operational feedback loop, this for any kind of products implemented in the DevOps organizational and operational model.


SQUADs of the Tribe with their main responsibilities:

we are seeking for DevOps Engineers with relevant skills of the various domains, that will help us to achieve our vision. Those will act as team players and will be totally effective / knowledgeable with the latest agile practices. As any other team members, they will share all types of activities that are part of the responsibility of the team, including product support, week-end work, and watch duty roles.

We expect the capability to scale-up and scale-down quickly and efficiently, and to have a partner that will ensure appropriate knowledge transfer.


Description (covering all SQUAD’s):

  • You'll join a dynamic and fast-paced scrum of engineers.
  • You will participate to the scrum and take part of the usual activities. Including various tasks: analysis, design, development (frameworks but also including scripting for automation), integration, testing, documentation, launching. The scope is also about components management and products administration e.g., hosting using IIS, Service Fabric, Communication middleware, Code repository, etc…
  • The teams are also 2nd or 3rd level support for Production incident management.


Key Qualifications (covering all SQUAD’s):

  • Fluent in English
  • Quality oriented.
  • Able to demonstrate your ability to learn ICT technologies.
  • Able to easily adapt to new circumstances / technologies / procedures.
  • Stress resistant and constructive whatever the context.
  • Ready to deal with major impediments
  • Good understanding of Agile methodologies & practices; A Scrum and Continuous Integrations evangelist
  • Able to comply with existing standards and acting with attention to detail
  • A true team player who demonstrates good interpersonal skills.
  • Able to summarize complex technical situations in simple terms. Ability to investigate and troubleshoot / debug difficult problems
  • Solution and client oriented.
  • Linux RedHat, Red hat clustering: Pacemaker
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps
  • SQL Server 2014-2017 - Oracle Server on Linux
  • Scripting Perl and Powershell
  • Scripting (Bash and Korn shell) on Linux
  • Ansible, Tower
  • Artifactory, GIT
  • SonarQube,
  • Unit Testing creation and automation, Integration Test creation and automation using AzureDevOps and other testing tools
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Security in Windows Server environment such as Kerberos, Active Directory is good to have.




K&K Social resources & development GmbH is an international recruiting agency who is providing technical resources in European region since 1993. This position is for one of our clients who is actively hiring candidates in order to expand their teams.

Adnan Nadif

K&K social resources and development GmbH

Abteilung(en): IT

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